Canon 10D, EF 17-40 4.0, 17mm, f 22, 6s, ISO 100

  1. Jafar Says:

    Beautiful play of form and light.

  2. Bjorn Says:

    Stunning… That’s all I can say.

  3. Reza Says:

    This is gorgeous

  4. luke winter Says:

    I really don’t know what this is, the bit in the bottom right confuses me. Great colours, tones and textures whatever it is though. great shot

  5. joerg Says:

    Thanks for the comments!
    The Antelope Canyon is located near Page (USA) and is one of the greatest places to make pictures.

  6. MimiJoy Says:


  7. redmondbarry Says:


  8. claire-obscure Says:

    This is absolutely breathtaking.

  9. Ciro Says:

    Fantastic exposure! The textures and colors are stunning.

  10. Russ Says:

    Great shot and location. The harsh sunlight and deep shadows make good captures difficult, but this is well done.

  11. Timmy Perez Says:

    I really love your photos. This is indeed a great shot. Almost looks like the stone is burning!

  12. Adrian Kostrubiak Says:

    Wow, that’s an amazing shot. Slot canyons have always amazed me with their sheer beauty.

  13. Tine Says:


  14. Rafael Says:

    Fantastic lines! Great exposure too!

  15. pierre Says:

    Very good !

  16. Malinda Says:


  17. yungyaw Says:

    This is fabulous. Infinite number of orange tones. Interesting texture and lighting.

  18. Alec Long Says:

    Beautiful and inspiring image! Congratulations on the Noteworthy. It truly is deserving.

  19. Vlad Says:


  20. Heather Says:


  21. Saroy Says:

    Beautiful image, you’ve captured the light and lines extremely well!

  22. HumaMunir Says:

    This is really stunning. The Way this shot has been taken, deserve appreciation.

  23. gMoney Says:

    Wow. This makes me think of a Werner Panton interior from the late 60’s early 70’s.

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