touch | Canon 10D, EF 50 1.4, f 1.4, 1/500s, ISO 200

  1. leigh Says:

    There’s beauty in simplicity and this shot is both!

  2. wah Says:

    very beautiful.

  3. Nish Says:

    Amazing!!! nice lighting and compostion! i am inspired..

  4. dct Says:

    so lovery shot. i intoxicated their love.

  5. K1C Says:

    great depth of field and lovely pic!

  6. Thomas Pindelski Says:


  7. Jan Says:

    Sensitive and touching content. Lovely!

  8. Paulo Ribeiro Says:

    A beautiful and emotive photo.

  9. Amber Says:

    Love the composition of this shot! Great job.

  10. A. Says:

    Mein deutch ist nicht gut – ein sehr sch√∏ne fotografie 🙂
    Somehow it reminds me of the famous sea-shelll shot of Edward Weston.

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