fresh | Canon 10D, EF 17-40 4.0, 40mm, f 4.0, 1/60s, ISO 800

Photo Friday: ‚Plastic‘ #476

  1. motom Says:

    I like all those different colors and shapes.

  2. Tobi Says:

    Hallo Jögi,
    lange nichts mehr von einander gehört. überlege die ganze Zeit ob das Quallen sind und wenn ja, wie Du die Farben so hinbekommen hast. Sieht auf jedenfall beeindruckend aus das „Farbspiel“. Versteh ja nicht so viel von diesen Dingen. Dennoch beeindruckt mich so manches Bild schon sehr…

  3. AJ Says:

    I love this … really love this picture. The color and transparancy really great. Nice catch. BTW.. what is this???? 🙂

  4. Nish Says:

    Nice colours! nice shot 🙂

  5. Jamey Says:

    wow. It looks like alien jellyfish or something. Amazing color.

  6. joerg Says:

    No jellyfish, it is a ceiling in one of the casinos in Vegas. 🙂

  7. ViSuaLLyMiNDeD Says:

    cool colors, nice abtract result!

  8. flygirl Says:

    This is really a nice shot. Wonderful colours. Good for you that you found that…

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing color!
    However, I don’t know what they are. Are they cristal flowers?

  10. Miyuki Says:

    Oops! I didn’t put my name in the form, sorry.
    Now I know what they are ! You’ve already written about that and I found it. 🙂

  11. Nick Says:

    Wonderful colour!

  12. zoomvienna Says:

    Very cool…Was sind die? Jellyfish>>?

  13. anne [] Says:

    This looks like the ceiling at the Las Vegas Bellagio — very cool patterns…

  14. nazzina Says:

    I just found your photoblog from the site. I know you posted this photo a while ago but just wanted to say this is fantastic!!

  15. Seeing Anew Says:

    Beautiful photos all over your site! This one was fun — trying to guess what it is. All the colors plus the transparency makes a great shot.

  16. Jan Says:

    Wonderful colors! Looks like jellyfish on acid!

  17. USA-NC Says:

    I saw that at the Bellagio, very cool.

  18. K Says:

    Love the bold vibrant colors! beautiful!!

  19. Digital Photo Ted Says:

    This is a great photograph. The play of light and colour reminds me of the kaleidoscope. Excellent work.

  20. photoblog Says:

    Great colors, I am totally digging it

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