central station Wolfsburg | Canon 10D, EF 17-40 4.0, 28mm, f 16, 1s, ISO 200

1000 x 700 pixel

  1. Alex Says:

    It’s not all the zebra stripes that got me but the fact it’s sooo clean. Great shot btw!

  2. Tobin Rogers Says:

    Wonderful images. Love the contrast in your B&W’s.

  3. Fauxtog Says:

    My first thought was that the white stripes were sunlight from some sort of slots in the ceiling. Very nice and clean shot.

  4. Guilherme Pinto Says:

    I agree with Fauxtog… I thought they were shadows. I love the symetry of the shot, all the way to what look like a shiny door (wall) reflecting the floor (?). Or are those steps at the end of the hall?

  5. Matt Says:

    This shot looks amazing. I really like the patterns everywhere; floor, ceiling, walls. Looks great.

  6. Liisa Anderson Says:

    from the thumbnail (rss) I first thought of light reflexes too, great composition and of course best choice in b&w

  7. David H-W Says:

    Great shot with a crisp feel to it. Love the way the depth and perspective is increased by the floor stripes. Good contrast too.

  8. Paulo Ribeiro Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. sandro Says:

    This aseptic atmosphere is incredible… it seems like an absurdhospital… and you’ve used a perfect contrast control to improuve this strang feeling…

  10. miles Says:

    Amazing shot, the composition seems to have been created with pin point accuracy.

  11. Anonymous Says:

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  12. Dirk Says:

    Kompliment zu den überaus gelungenen Bildern. Leider waren meine beiden Versuche in der U-Bahn in Köln nicht erfolgreich. Es gab relativ schnell Probleme, als ich mit D3 und Tiltshift Objektiv versuchte Bilder zu machen. Ist das in Wolfsburg anders, oder war die Auswrüstung unauffäliger? Gruß aus Köln, Dirk

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