wind power | Canon 10D, EF 17-40 4.0, 32mm, f 4.0, 1/1000s, ISO 100

  1. Matt Says:

    The contrast between the yellow flowers and the dark sky looks great.

  2. Guilherme Pinto Says:

    Beautiful stormy sky. Love the colors.

  3. Liisa Anderson Says:

    I assume this shot has been taken short before the blue hour, isn’t it? At least it looks a bit like that which also would explain why the yellow is coming out so strong and crisp. Also the wind mill does „illustrate“ that it’s an area which often has storm or wind and fits perfectly to the stormy sky. Wonderful composition of this shot!

  4. Cirox Says:

    Beautiful. I love this shot.

  5. David H-W Says:

    Great contrasty shot – good dramatic sky and the rapeseed yellow. Nice work!

  6. manic Says:

    Impressive colors. I really like this one. Great shot!

  7. CrazyLadies Says:

    The light on this is amazing! Its a beautiful shot.

  8. Fotos de San Sebastian Says:

    Great light, fantastic colours. Beautifull Scene.


    Beautiful contrast.. love it!

  10. pete Says:

    very beautiful colors and contrast, i like it

  11. Tim Seegers Says:

    Schöne Aufnahme!
    Die Farben gefallen mir!

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