Italy - England | Canon 10D, EF 70-200 2.8, 70mm,  f 3.5, 1/1500s, ISO400

The world championship in Essenrode (Germany).

Six local teams as:
Argentina (won), Italy, France, Germany, England and Brazil

  1. Sidney Says:

    Nice action shot ! Still young but already pro’s !

  2. Cirox Says:

    Great shot!

  3. Alex Says:

    What a great sense of action this shot provides. And the kids look like the adult counterparts, experts!

  4. Guilherme Pinto Says:

    10 years ago, I was shooting professional soccer for a living. This is a really good soccer shot. Being from Brazil, I am really bummed that Argentina won 😉

  5. Justus Says:

    I live in Essenrode! How many times ago this foto was shoot?

  6. joerg Says:

    Hallo Justus, das Foto habe ich im Mai 2005 aufgenommen.

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